未·未来 全球教育计划


2017 - until now

Executive organiser

FUTURE UNKNOWN Global Education Plan is an experimental exploration for future art and design education by a joint force of global institutions. Embracing the principle of cross-discipline, cross-time-space and cross-culture, it aims at pooling together global academic intelligence, gather global institutions and leading scholars, technical experimenters, futurists, design researchers, sociologists and business elites to forge a collaborative and double-win global Future Unknown platform, where experts gather, intelligence collides and multi-voices are made. 

FUTURE UNKNOWN will intiate a “Global Education Community” with three steps of question orientation, teaching practice and education strategy, to forge a global innovative art and design education platform. 

Starting with events impacting the contemporary time, FUTURE UNKNOWN will re-examine art and design in the contemporary context. Through the three consecutive stages of Compulsive Innovation, Youth Expressed and Education Absence, and with continuing events such as thematic sharing, roundtable discussion, education practice and chancellor summit , it looks forward to in-depth discussing and expanding the topics of future education, redesigning the modes of future art & design education and expanding the boundary of traditional education, in an effort to facilitate the construction of the new modes of future art & design education in China and to push forward the sustainable development of global art & design education. 

COMPULSIVE INNOVATION – Thought Leader Round Table 

December 2017 

100 hot issues relevant to education today will be collected globally through an open call on an Internet platform, which will serve as discussion topics for the Round Table guests. The Compulsive Innovation discussion will be interacting with international art and design institutions, and is expected to provide insights, predictions and judgments, actively propose new ideas responsive to world structural transformation, and to generate new momentum for innovation. 


「未未来」全球教育划   2017–2018

2017 至今,策划执行



「未・未来」以影响时代的事件为启始,重新审视当下社会语境中的艺术与设计,通过「激活创新」、「青年之为」和「教育不在」三个阶段,持续性的主题分享、圆桌对话、教育实践、校长论坛等活动形式,深度探讨与拓展未来教育议题,重新定义未来艺术设计教育模式, 延伸传统教育边界,从而促进中国未来艺术设计教育全新模式构建,推动全球艺术设计教育可持续发展。

问题导向 ‖ 激活创新———圆桌对话 2017.12