Designer & Founder  

Wenstep is an immersive language-learning tool that integrates seamlessly into your daily life.

Wenstep automatically substitutes web content into the language that you’re learning, at a suitable competency level. It also helps to reinforce previously known vocabulary and learn new words and structures in their context. All of this makes memorisation truly intuitive. 

Wenstep consists of a web based learning application, a browser plug-in and a mobile application. These three distinct elements form a continuous exposure model that provide all the key aspects of immersive language-learning: reading, speaking, listening and writing. Having the entire language-learning journey from the survival phrases all the way to nuanced grammar, with tests and tips along the way, ensures not only that each new word or phrase has been mastered, but also, that the user builds a strong learning foundation.

Supplementing this with targeted lessons in structure and nuance adds depth to the content and distinguishes Wenstep learners from those self-teaching or spending time and money on expensive classes.

设计师 & 创始人

Wenstep 是一款沉浸式语言学习工具,它基于用户日常生活,巧妙地重塑外语语言环境。第一阶段产品基于屏幕阅读习惯,将信息阅读转化为外语强化过程,帮助用户在获取常规信息过程中强化所学单词、学习新词汇和段落结构,使得枯燥的词汇记忆变得非常生动直观。该项目经过为期6个月的调研、设计与用户测试,基于超过20位在英国学习中文的学生测试而得。